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Tuesday 1 December 2020

at 8.00 A.M. @ Bidding Commencing - Online Auction Remote Bidding Only

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LotTypeLocation*Guide Price
1Vacant Freehold HouseForest Gate E7£320,000+
2Vacant Freehold HouseMorden, Surrey£300,000+
3Vacant Freehold HouseChingford E4£275,000+
4Vacant Freehold HouseEast Ham E6£230,000+
5Vacant Freehold HouseBethnal Green E2£700,000+
6Vacant Leasehold FlatWinchmore Hill N21£200,000+
7Vacant Freehold HouseSouthall, Middlesex£250,000+
8Vacant Freehold HouseNorth Chingford E4£350,000+
9Vacant Freehold HouseCheltenham, Gloucestershire£100,000+
10Vacant Freehold HouseChingford E4£300,000+
11Vacant Leasehold FlatWoodford Green, Essex£240,000+
12Vacant Leasehold HouseEdmonton N18£150,000+
12AVacant Leasehold FlatSouth Woodford E18£170,000+
13Vacant Freehold HouseDartford, Kent£200,000+
14Vacant Freehold HouseThornton Heath, Surrey£250,000+
15Vacant Freehold HouseCarshalton, Surrey£250,000+
16Vacant Leasehold FlatThornton Heath, Surrey£95,000+
17Vacant Freehold HouseLeyton E10£350,000+
18Vacant Freehold HouseStreatham SW16£300,000+
19Vacant Freehold HouseOrpington, Kent£150,000+
19AInvestment Freehold HouseEast Finchley£350,000+
20Vacant Leasehold FlatRomford, Essex£145,000+
21Vacant Freehold HouseBury St Edmunds, Suffolk£110,000+
22Vacant Freehold HouseChingford E4£250,000+
23Vacant Freehold HouseTottenham N17£475,000+
24Vacant Leasehold FlatHighams Park E4£295,000+
25Vacant Freehold HouseWood Green N22£450,000+
26Vacant Freehold HouseEnfield, Middlesex£250,000+
27Vacant Freehold BungalowBasildon, Essex£130,000+
28Vacant Leasehold FlatBuckhurst Hill, Essex£230,000+
29Vacant Freehold HouseBrentwood, Essex£180,000+
30Vacant Freehold HouseReading, BerkshireSold Prior
31Vacant Leasehold FlatBelsize Park NW3£750,000+
32Vacant Leasehold FlatWoodford Green, Essex£220,000+
32AVacant Freehold HouseReading, Berkshire£175,000+
32BInvestment Leasehold MaisonetteEdmonton N18£165,000+
33Vacant Leasehold FlatWillesden NW2£275,000+
34Vacant Leasehold FlatColindale NW9£140,000+
35Vacant Freehold HouseChingford E4£200,000+
36Vacant Leasehold FlatSouthend On Sea, Essex£50,000+
37Vacant Freehold RetailIslington N1£850,000+
38Vacant Freehold LandHounslow, Middlesex£20,000+
39Investment Freehold RetailIslington N1£300,000+
40Part Vacant Freehold RetailSidcup, Kent£485,000+
41Vacant Freehold HouseChingford E4£300,000+
42Vacant Leasehold FlatBayswater W2£150,000+
42AInvestment Leasehold FlatBeckton E6£150,000+
43Vacant Freehold HouseBarlestone, Warwickshire£100,000+
44Vacant Freehold BungalowCoalville, Leicestershire£100,000+
45Vacant Freehold HouseWestcliff on Sea, Essex£150,000+
46Vacant Freehold HouseDartford, Kent£150,000+
47Vacant Freehold HouseBasildon, Essex£120,000+
48Vacant Freehold HouseKingswood, Bristol£110,000+
49Vacant Freehold HouseSouthampton£110,000+
50Vacant Freehold HouseMaidstone, Kent£80,000+
51Vacant Freehold HouseDagenham, Essex£250,000+
52Vacant Leasehold MaisonetteBow E3£140,000+
53Vacant Leasehold MaisonetteWalthamstow E17£200,000+
54Vacant Freehold HouseBrighton, East Sussex£180,000+
55Vacant Freehold BungalowWaltham Cross, Hertfordshire£220,000+
56Vacant Freehold HouseHendon NW4£575,000+
57Vacant Freehold HouseWembley, Middlesex£350,000+
58Investment Freehold OtherWickford, Essex£95,000+
59Vacant Freehold HouseHanworth, Middlesex£200,000+
60Vacant Leasehold FlatBrixton SW2£185,000+
61Vacant Leasehold FlatChingford E4£110,000+
62Vacant Freehold HouseTrowbridge, Wiltshire£100,000+
63Vacant Freehold HouseTrowbridge, Wiltshire£100,000+
64Vacant Freehold HouseReading, Berkshire£170,000+
65Vacant Freehold HouseRainham, Essex£210,000+
66Vacant Freehold HousePoole, Dorset£150,000+
67Vacant Leasehold MaisonetteCatford SE6£80,000+
68Vacant Freehold HouseChadwell Heath, Essex£365,000+
69Freehold SiteIslington N19£1.2M+
70Vacant Leasehold FlatIlford, Essex£100,000+
71Vacant Leasehold FlatChigwell, Essex£210,000+
72Vacant Freehold HouseBushey, HertfordshireWithdrawn Prior
73Vacant Freehold HouseBow E3£735,000+
74Investment Leasehold MaisonetteMuswell Hill N10£240,000+
75Investment Leasehold MaisonetteMuswell Hill N10£240,000+
76Vacant Freehold HouseForest Gate E7£700,000+
77Vacant Leasehold FlatWalthamstow E17£125,000+
78Vacant Freehold HouseWeymouth, Dorset£110,000+
79Vacant Freehold HouseKettering, Northamptonshire£50,000+
80Vacant Freehold HouseSouth Bank, York£150,000+
81Vacant Freehold HouseSouthampton£100,000+
82Vacant Freehold HouseNorthampton£70,000+
83Vacant Freehold HouseRushden, Northamptonshire£50,000+
84Vacant Freehold HousePotterne, Devizes, Wiltshire£65,000+
85Vacant Freehold RetailAshford, Kent£80,000+
86Vacant Freehold HouseSwindon, Wiltshire£60,000+
87Vacant Freehold HousePlymouth, Devon£60,000+
88Vacant Freehold HouseAbbey Wood SE2£195,000+
89Vacant Leasehold FlatWallington, Surrey£95,000+
90Vacant Freehold HouseBrockworth Gloucester£90,000+
91Vacant Freehold HouseSwindon, Wiltshire£60,000+
92Vacant RetailRochford, Nr. Southend-On-Sea£50,000+
93Vacant Freehold HouseCinderford, Gloucestershire£40,000+
94Vacant Freehold HouseMarden, Kent£230,000+
95Vacant Freehold BungalowBideford, Devon£40,000+
96Investment Leasehold RetailDorking, Surrey£95,000+
97Investment Freehold RetailSouth Norwood SE25£50,000+
98Vacant Leasehold FlatGuildford, Surrey£120,000+
99Vacant Freehold HouseRochester, Kent£180,000+
100Vacant Freehold RetailCirencester, Gloucestershire£60,000+
101Vacant Freehold LandSwanley£10,000+
102Vacant Leasehold MaisonetteFinchley N3Sold Prior
103Vacant Freehold HouseLoughborough, Leicestershire£55,000+
104Vacant Leasehold FlatHayes, Middlesex£100,000+
105Investment Leasehold FlatActon W3£100,000+
106Vacant Leasehold FlatRayleigh, Essex£65,000+
107Vacant Freehold HouseCorsham, Wiltshire£75,000+
108Vacant Leasehold FlatNorth Finchley N12£260,000+
109Vacant Freehold HouseBurnt Oak, EdgwareWithdrawn Prior
110Vacant Leasehold MaisonetteEdmonton N9£130,000+
111Vacant Freehold HouseLiverpool£10,000+
112Vacant Freehold HousePeterlee, Durham£5,000+
113Vacant Freehold HouseHartlepool£5,000+
114Vacant Freehold LandWitham, Essex£5,000+
115Vacant Freehold LandMitcham, Surrey£20,000+
116Vacant Freehold LandRomford, Essex£10,000+
117Freehold LandEnfield, Middlesex£70,000+
118Vacant Freehold GarageEnfield, Middlesex£35,000+
119Vacant Freehold LandEnfield, Middlesex£10,000+
120Vacant Freehold GarageEdmonton N9£5,000+
121Vacant Leasehold RetailHarwich, Essex£10,000+
122Vacant Freehold GarageCheshunt, Hertfordshire£10,000+
123Vacant Freehold LandCroydon, Surrey£5,000+
124Vacant Freehold LandChristchurch, Dorset£10,000+
125Freehold LandCapel, Surrey£10,000+
126Freehold GarageBarkingside, Essex£35,000+
127Vacant Freehold LandUxbridge, Middlesex£3,000+
128Freehold LandWindsor, Berkshire£5,000+
129Vacant Freehold GarageKingsbury NW9£20,000+
130Vacant Freehold LandBarking, Essex£3,000+
131Vacant Leasehold OtherEdgware, Middlesex£115,000+
132Vacant Leasehold DevelopmentThornton Heath, Surrey£35,000+
133Vacant Freehold GarageRamsgate, Kent£5,000+
134Vacant Freehold LandRomford, Essex£5,000+
135Vacant Freehold LandHastings, East SussexWithdrawn Prior
136Freehold LandEast Grinstead, West Sussex£2,000+
137Vacant Freehold LandHull, East YorkshireNo Reserve
138Vacant Freehold LandWingrave, Buckinghamshire£3,000+
139Investment Freehold Ground RentBirmingham£25,000+
140Investment Freehold Ground RentWillesden NW10£5,000+
141Investment Freehold Ground RentWood Green N22£4,000+
142Investment Freehold Ground RentIslington N1Sold Prior
143Investment Freehold Ground RentIslington N1£12,000+
144Investment Freehold Ground RentMuswell Hill N10£100,000+
145Investment Freehold Ground RentMuswell Hill N10£6,000+
146Investment Freehold Ground RentEast Finchley N2£15,000+
147Investment Freehold Ground RentKentish Town NW5£10,000+
148Investment Freehold Ground RentEnfield, Middlesex£8,000+
149Investment Freehold Ground RentWaltham Cross EN8£100,000+
150Investment Freehold Ground RentActon W3£100,000+
151Investment Freehold Ground RentStroud Green N4£10,000+
152Investment Freehold Ground RentCrouch End N8£20,000+
153Vacant Freehold Ground RentMill Hill NW7£10,000+
154Investment Freehold Ground RentChiswick W4£7,500+
155Investment Freehold Ground RentCrouch End N8£16,000+
156Investment Freehold Ground RentWood Green N22£9,000+

*Guides are provided as an indication of each seller's minimum expectation. They are not necessarily figures which a property will sell for and may change at any time prior to the auction. Each property will be offered subject to a Reserve (a figure below which the Auctioneer cannot sell the property during the auction) which we expect will be set within the Guide Range or no more than 10% above a single figure Guide. Guide prices will be continually updated on our website up until the day of the auction.

The seller may charge additional fees payable upon completion. If applicable, such fees are detailed within the special conditions of sale. Buyers are deemed to bid in full knowledge of this.